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WGAAC List of Members


Membership is open to all bonafide researchers in the area of Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy, and to astronomy researchers interested in this area, who satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • has published research in an international peer-reviewed journal, or
  • is registered as a graduate student, in a relevant subject, in a recognised University.


This list contains all current members of the WGAAC.

  • If you are an WGAAC  member, feel free to add your details in the last column, or add a link to your home page in the first column, or to update any of your other details.
  • Members of the WGAAC team can send an email to all WGAAC members by sending it to wgaac@lists.csiro.au.

[RPN checklist for adding new members:(a) add to listserver on https://lists.csiro.au/mailman/admindb/wgaac (b) add to pbwiki users, (c) add to table below



Forms for requesting Associate Membership of the IAU: MS-word, pdf





IAU member?

Role or Research Area

Steve Gullberg

Ray Norris

University of Oklahoma

CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, &
Macquarie University, &
University of Western Sydney





Chair of WGAAC and Lead Faculty for University of Oklahoma Archaeoastronomy

Past Chair

Research in Australian Indigenous Astronomy

Astrophysics research on galaxy evolution.

Elio Antonello INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brere Italy y


Jesús Arregi University of the Basque Country Spain n  
GSD Babu M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental Research India y  
Ennio Badolati University of Molise Italy y  
Bryan Bates Coconino Community College USA n


Juan Belmonte Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Observatorio Spain y


Sixto Gimenez Benitez Universidad Nacional de La Plata Argentina n


Mary Blomberg Uppsala University Sweden n  
Efrosyni Boutsikas University of Kent UK n


Patricio Bustamante Instituto del Medio Ambiente Chile n  
Kai Cai College of DuPage USA y  
Nick Campion University of Wales Trinity Saint David UK n


Sandra Ciccone University of Molise Italy y  
Brenda Corbin USNO USA y  
Brian Davis University of North Carolina – Wilmington USA n


Milan Dimitrijevic

Belgrade Astronomical Observatory 

Serbia y  
Pásztor Emília Janos Thorma Museum Hungary n  
Sona Farmanyan Yerevan State University Armenia n  
Roslyn Frank University of Iowa USA n


Priscila Faulhaber

Museum of Astronomy of Related Sciences

Brazil n  
Marta Folgueira Complutense University of Madrid Spain y  
Bob Fuller Macquarie Uni Australia n  
Jesús Galindo Trejo
National University of Mexico Mexico y  
Alejandro Gangui

Instituto de Astronomia y Fisica del Espacio 

Argentina y  
Michelle Gantevoort
UNSW Australia n  
César González-García" Heritage Sciences Institute of the Spanish Research Council in Santiago de Compostela Spain y


Cecilia Gómez Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina n


Akira Goto Catholic University of Nanzan Japan n




Agustin Gutierrez University Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas Colombia n  
Duane Hamacher University of New South Wales Australia y

Research and Teaching in Australian Indigenous Astronomy 

Avram Hayli Lyon Observatory France y  
Liz Henty Skyscape Magazine UK n  
Dieter Herrmann Leibniz Society of Sciences Germany y  

Bambang Hidayat

Indonesian Academy of Sciences

Indonesia y  
Thomas Hockey University of Northern Iowa USA y  
Jarita Holbrook University of the Western Cape South Africa y


Andrew Hopkins Australian Astronomical Observatory Australia y  
Stanislaw Iwaniszewski Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia Mexico n  
Vavilova Irina Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine n  
Matthaios Katsanikas

Academy of Athens

Greece y  
Olaf Kretzer Suhl observatory/planetarium Germany n  
Ed Krupp Griffith Observatory USA y


Trevor Leaman University of New South Wales Australia n

PhD Candidate in Australian Indigenous Astronomy 

William Liller Center for Nova Research Chile y  
Flavia Pedroza Lima Rio de Janeiro Planetarium Foundation Brazil n  
Ioannis Liritzis University of the Aegean Greece y


Carlos Mallamaci Universidad Nacional de San Juan Argentina y  
Alejandro Martín López Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina y


Kim Malville University of Colorado USA y


Javier Mejuto

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

Honduras n Head of Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy Department
Areg Mickaelian

Byurakan  Astrophysical  Observatory

Armenia y  
Michael Mickelson Denison University USA y  
Gene Milone University of Calgary Canada y


Simon Mitton University of Cambridge UK y  
Kunal Mooley California Institute of Technology USA n  
Armando Mudrik Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina n


Andy Munro
University of Oklahoma
Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy faculty 
Greg Munson Society for Cultural Astronomy in the American Southwest USA n


Wayne Orchiston National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand. Thailand y  
David  Pankenier LeHigh University USA n


Bob Pankhurst

UNSW Australia n  
Manuel Pérez University of Salamanca Spain n


Vito Francesco Polcaro Ferrara University Italy y


Robert Preston Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology USA y


Michael A. Rappenglück Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies Germany n


Melissa Razuki 

RMIT Australia n  
Marianna Ridderstad
Dept. of Physics, Uni. Helsinki Finland n  
Sepp Rothwangl CALENdeRsign Austria n


Clive Ruggles University of Leicester UK y


Morgan Saletta University of Melbourne Australia n


Petra Schmidl Goethe-University Frankfurt Germany n


Fabio Silva Institute of Archaeology, University College London UK n


Irakli Simonia Ilia State University Georgia y  
Ivan Sprajc Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Slovenia n


Toner Stevenson

Sydney Observatory Australia n  
Woody Sullivan University of Washington USA y


Virginia Trimble University of California, Irvine USA y  
Ana Ulla University of Vigo Spain y  
Johnson Urama University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria y


David Valls-Gabaud Observatoire de Paris France y


Ricardo Moyano Vasconcellos Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Chile n


Tiziana Venturi 

INAF Italy y  
Doris Vickers University of Vienna Austria n


Mariusz Ziółkowski
University of Warsaw Poland n  
Georg Zotti Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology Austria n



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